Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Naked in Florida

I am over a year old and my mom finally decided it was time for a haircut! It is very short, I am looking a little like a Jack Russel with fluffy ears. It's short. But boy does it feel good. As you know, it gets hot here (not that my pampered behind is forces to sit outsire- ever) but on long walks it tends to make me pant like a, well, a dog. She also let them trim my tail even. It is now just a little stub. Mom says she likes it because she doesn't have to sweep EVERY day now, and the less work she has to do the better. I did however just cause my family a bit of stress. I had my monthly dose of flea meds and later in the evening I snuggled with mom on the couch. Little did she know that my neck was still wet and the meds ate through a layer on the leather couch!!!! Dad had to leave the room he was so mad, but he didn't yell at me and make me go to bed, which was very considerate of him. The leather guy says we have a case with the medicine company, so we'll see. Meantime, I have to steer clear of the couches for a while. It sure is going to be hard not to hop into my favorite spot to watch my friends go by.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Poison on the floor!

Beware! I just found out, thankfully not the hard way, that there is a dangerous chemical in a product called Swiffer WetJet floor cleaner. My mom uses the dry Swiffer (and loves it) but the actual WetJet machine hasAnti-Freeze in it!! We just read an article about a fellow canine that passed away this week from liver failure, then two weeks later his sister cats died as well. I guess when your mom mops the floor with this stuff, we of course loving to walk over the newly mopped floors, get it on our paws. THEN, during bath time we lick it off. Poisioning ourselves! Of course we are not to blame for this, our owners need to read the warning lables on products before they even bring it home.

So, either stop bathing or make sure this product is not being used in your home.