Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving, more like Thanksreceiving

I am ready to pass out on the suede couch as we speak. My family took me to our vacation home today and everyone was there. And everyone LOVED me, I got food and love from everyone there. Even the adults. I got to eat some matchbox cards from my cousin Sam, and I totaly obliteraded a stuffed Goofy at my Mama Behr's house. I visited a national park today, where thank goodness my mom didn't make me walk a trail an get ticks. I got to eat home made orange soft serve ice cream instead. Yum. My daddy loves me to. I really got to play with him this weekend, it was very nice and made my mommy happy. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my loving family.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My best friend Sophie Sue

This is my best friend Sophia Marie (at least that's what her Ma calls her when she catches us misbehavin") Posted by Picasa

Sessions On The Couch

Hello all you blogger friends! This is coming to you from my spot on the couch! Aren't I handsome? See, I get to use this old Compaq since my mum got a new Sony- it's way too small for my paws, and she'd make me sleep outside if I touched it!! Posted by Picasa

All I Want For Christmas Is....

Since I already have my two front teeth, I would like to have a super large bone, with great big chuncks of meat still on it, a toy that sqeeks and squeeks and never stops (even when I tear a hole in it), but what I REALLY want is a pass to get as much lap time as I want. I am currently writting this atop my mums lap (nice and warm) and she is pickiing "hitch hikers" out of my hair! We went for a three mile walk last night and there was some yucky grass. I can't even take a bath with the fear it will totaly mat it all up! I think she learned her lesson about where to walk with me!

Today I get to go to a popular trail with my cousin Sophie! She's my best friend and I love her a lot, she'll probably ignore me like usual, but I'll get her to notice me... she won't be able to resist.