Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Poison on the floor!

Beware! I just found out, thankfully not the hard way, that there is a dangerous chemical in a product called Swiffer WetJet floor cleaner. My mom uses the dry Swiffer (and loves it) but the actual WetJet machine hasAnti-Freeze in it!! We just read an article about a fellow canine that passed away this week from liver failure, then two weeks later his sister cats died as well. I guess when your mom mops the floor with this stuff, we of course loving to walk over the newly mopped floors, get it on our paws. THEN, during bath time we lick it off. Poisioning ourselves! Of course we are not to blame for this, our owners need to read the warning lables on products before they even bring it home.

So, either stop bathing or make sure this product is not being used in your home.

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